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MrJohnWiseman - Project by John Wiseman

My personal website containing a collation of my portfolio

How it began

Starting my first job as a Software Developer I decided I would take notes of the things that I learnt in order to remember them at a later date. The human brain can only store so much information before other information is deleted. If I created notes then I would be able to quickly learn from them again.

I started creating Google Drive markdown notes on topics I had learnt and soon found I had over 70 notes. I decided I would put export them to my website as maybe someone else may find them useful.

The first version of my website was using Wordpress and php but has since evolved into a more modern and responsive stack.

Technoligies Utilized

Google DriveGoogle Drive
Google Drive is used as a serverless host for all my blog posts. I can easliy edit any post using a tool connected to Google Drive.
Angular is used to power the website at the core. Server side rendering is also utilized which assists with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Google Cloud
Google Cloud is used to automatically build and redeploy my website.