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Best New Tab - Project by John Wiseman

Best New Tab
Google Chrome extension transforming the new tab into a productivity suite

What is it?

Enchance your browsing experience with Best New Tab by unlocking the full potential of your new tab.

Best New Tab provides you with a refreshing screen with all your important information and tasks in one place! Featuring a background which automatically updates from any category of your choice, personalized todo lists smartly synchronized with Google Tasks, blazing fast load speeds to enhance and increase your productivity and mental state!

  • ✢ Instantly get started with smart defaults
  • ✢ Default and Customizable Chrome Tab/App links
  • ✢ Smart search
  • ✢ Automatic background image from any category of your choice
  • ✢ Synchronized tasks lists using Google Tasks
  • ✢ Duolingo integration - never lose your streak again!
  • ✢ Live GPS or Location based weather forecasts
  • ✢ Customize the app to your liking!
  • ✢ You will LOVE it!

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for Best New Tab is available here!

Technoligies Utilized

Created using React for lighting fast speed!
Google Chrome
Integrates perfectly with Google Chrome!
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