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Awesome WM Theme - Project by John Wiseman

Awesome WM Theme
Linux Front-end desktop which displays custom information to the user and provides custom control

What is it?

I created a theme for AwesomeWM (Awesome Window Manager) which is a linux desktop display. This theme allows me to easily control the computer for an advanced and performant result.

I wrote scripts which would output a display on my desktop. Some of the scripts that I wrote were:

  • List and display my Google calendar events for the next two weeks
  • Fetch and display the status of my git repositories, allowing me to see if I have updates to pull
  • Times and dates counting down to events I have set.

Technoligies Utilized

Core program written in LUA. LUA executes bash scripts and displays the resulting data.
Bash scripts operating various logic to generate data for display in LUA scripts
Written as a modification to Ubuntu.
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