Some thoughts on Lockdown

Despite keeping busy and productive during lock down here in Sydney, at this point we are reaching 3 months in lockdown.

I definitely feel I am making the most of life during lockdown but I cannot help this overarching feeling: that regardless of what I am doing during lockdown; Time is still moving on. I am still getting older and experiences that I would have been making, instead I am cooped up inside my apartment.

You will only have the opportunities to be a young 27 year old once.

Just take a lazy period

I know I have been enjoying a break from the social norms of keeping up with the requirements of living a busy life. However, I definitely feel it is important to not get acclimatised to "not doing much". This is a dangerous mindset and I feel this we will see some irreversible traits in others in the future. I think the best way to avoid this and this is one thing I have started to plan is for the future. I have started to think about adventures and activities I want to do in the future. Simple pleasures such as getting a unknown cocktail at a bar, sound like a much desired adventure. Let alone the thought of travelling to a different country.

Will life be the same again?

Even when life "goes back to normal". What is normal? I cannot even contemplate the thought of going to a PACKED festival or nightclub again. I cannot imagine even eating at a restaurant without thinking. "Gee, I hope the chef is not sick". I can really predict in the future that the new plague will be the hypochondriac epidemic of the modern world.