Essential hotkeys for Google Chrome

Hotkeys in Google Chrome make your life way easier! All the power users of Google Chrome are using these hotkeys!

I believe it is essential to try and familarize yourself with some of them so you can be more efficient in doing your thing

The Essential

These are the must learn hotkeys for Google Chrome. Learning them will subconsciously improve your browsing experience and you wont even realise it!

Action Hotkey
Ctrl - T Open a new tab
Ctrl - W Close the current tab
Ctrl - Shift - T Reopen the last closed tab
Ctrl - L Select address bar


Action Hotkey
Ctrl - [1-8] Switch tab to number
Ctrl - 9 Switch to last tab
Ctrl + Click on hyperlink Open link in new tab
Alt + [Left or Right arrow] Navigate back / forward
Ctrl + Tab Cycle to tab to right
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Cycle to tab to left


Action Hotkey
Ctrl - A Select everything on page
F11 Fullscreen mode
Ctrl - F Find to "search" text on current page
Ctrl - P Print
Ctrl - U Open pages source code
Home Go to top of page
End Go to end of page
Space Scroll down
Shift + Space Scroll up