All Form Options for Angular Schema Form

Here is a cheatsheet for every option for a form value in Angular Schema Form

Angular Schema Form option cheatsheet

Option Example value Meaning
key "address.street", The dot notatin to the attribute on the model
type "text", Type of field
title "Street", Title of field, taken from schema if available
notitle false, Set to true to hide title
description "Street name", A description, taken from schema if available, can be HTML
validationMessage "Oh noes, please write a proper address", A custom validation error message
onChange "valueChanged(form.key,modelValue)", onChange event handler, expression or function
feedback false, Inline feedback icons
disableSuccessState false, Set true to NOT apply 'has-success' class to a field that was validated successfully
disableErrorState false, Set true to NOT apply 'has-error' class to a field that failed validation
placeholder "Input...", placeholder on inputs and textarea
ngModelOptions { ... }, Passed along to ng-model-options
readonly true, Same effect as readOnly in schema. Put on a fieldset or array and their items will inherit it.
htmlClass "street foobar", CSS Class(es) to be added to the container div
fieldHtmlClass "street" CSS Class(es) to be added to field input (or similar)
labelHtmlClass "street" CSS Class(es) to be added to the label of the field (or similar)
copyValueTo ["address.street"], Copy values to these schema keys.
condition "person.age < 18" Show or hide field depending on an angular expression
destroyStrategy "remove" One of "null", "empty" , "remove", or 'retain'. Changes model on $destroy event. default is "remove".